Introducing the first ever: Latin American
Blockchain Week, hosted in Mexico City.

We understand the great opportunity Latin America presents as a powerhouse of emerging economies and the great potential of Blockchain and DLTs in emerging markets. Our goal is to propel Blockchain adoption in emerging markets, like Latin America, to unleash the economy's untapped potential. The purpose of Blockchain Week is to catalyze Blockchain adoption, in LATAM and push this economic block into a bright future.

Blockchain Week LATAM will take place in Mexico City (CDMX). Compromising of three days, which will bring together industry leaders and companies. In order to demonstrate invitees the potential applications of blockchain technology, in Latin America and how it can reshape its industries but most importantly reshape peoples lives.

Itinerary, coming soon!

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What do our leaders say about the technology?

Blockchain is going to transform society. It is the perfect bureaucrat, it’s the perfect government official. It’s incorruptible, it’s fair, it’s honest. It just gets the job done.

Tim Draper
DFJ, Draper University

In a region where more people have smartphones than bank accounts, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies represent an opportunity to improve regional financial inclusion.

Nathan Lustig
Magma Partners

Latin America blockchain technology market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.3% (2018-2023) and generate a global revenue of USD 0.51 billion by 2023.

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Alex Saidani

AYS Ventures

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