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We Are Xcelchain

A distributed team, focused on empowering
society, through technology and education.

Xcelchain may be a new company and brand, but it's not really new. It is an accumulation of: decades of experience, solutions and companies, brought into one.

Xcelchain's vision is: to be a resource, for accelerating the development of technology. Technology that has both real world application and huge impact. Sometimes this means creating software for automating basic tasks, providing educational programs to help others understand the latest technologies or simply building a custom solution for a client.

Xcelchain's team and advisors, have worked in the technology industry for decades. We are: engineers, designers, product managers and founders, that create solutions to problems using software and the power of automation. We have worked with and for: global enterprises, top tier VCs, new startups and iconic brands.

Xcelchain is currently focused on four key areas, of software technology: logistics, ecommerce, blockchain and development. We build software as a service solutions based on these areas. We offer custom software and application development, through our network of engineers. We also provide programs, for blockchain and coding education.


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Who Have We Worked With?

Our team and advisors, have worked with: global businesses, top tier VCs and startups, worldwide.

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